International Commercial Contracts and E-Commerce

Module code: LAW7031-B

The aim is to critically examine and understand legal, theoretical and practical underpinnings of international commercial law and e-commerce, and to examine and understand the documentary requirements in international commercial transactions. The module is flexible by nature and content can be adapted to current and topical issues in international commerce. This module is an important element of the LLM Technology and Artificial Intelligence Law programme because of the practical significance of the role of technology and AI in facilitating commercial contracts and ecommerce; it is part of the LLM International Corporate Law and Governance programme because the module will provide education on how corporate bodies engage in international commercial transactions and their responsibilities when they engage in such commercial contracts; part of the LLM International Banking and Financial Technology Law programme because international commercial contracts and e-commerce are connected in areas such as trade financing; part of the LLM International Commercial Law the module provides education of issues of sale of goods, documentations required in international sale and carriage of goods and emerging issues on e-commerce; and part of the LLM International Legal Studies as one of the pragmatic areas of legal study that students could explore. This module is also suitable for any other postgraduate programme where knowledge of the laws regulating international commercial contracts and e-commerce can contribute towards achieving the programme aims. Download the PDF for LAW7031-B_2023_4.pdf