Technical and Professional Skills

Module code: COS4015-B

In order to face the growing challenges of the IT industry, it is essential that students equip themselves with the necessary skills and demonstrate that they have these skills when applying for graduate level jobs. In particular, problem solving and decision making as well as a good understanding of IT-related professional issues are likely to be essential aspects of a graduate-level job, as employers rely on ability to analyse a situation and decide on a course of action that is aligned with the industry standards and in compliance with legal, ethical, and professional requirements. This module will provide students opportunities to develop their technical and professional skills necessary for success in a Honours level Computing programme and beyond. It also enhances their employment prospects by (i) providing analytical skills essential to design algorithms for solving various problems, (ii) providing an understanding of techniques and skills required to develop computing programmes, (iii) introducing the basics of shell programming, (iv) providing an overview of fundamental subject specific concepts and history of computing, (v) raising awareness of, and interest in, legal, social, ethical, and professional issues, and (vi) equipping students with a range of academic, professional, technical, transferable and employability skills. Download the PDF for COS4015-B_2023_4.pdf