Professional Development

Module code: ARC7041-B

The aims of this module are twofold: 1) To enable you to gain Professional skills and understanding relating to your chosen specialism. This module provides the educational and career development specialism practice required by analytical/chemical/archaeological/forensic scientists in each of the Pathways/Programmes of study. This will enable you to identify your own learning needs and to carry these out to achieve specialism practice. 2) To provide taught postgraduate students with an introduction to research and its design (dissertation routes) or professional brief writing (non-dissertation routes), oral and written presentation. This is not a 'taught module' in the conventional sense, but designed as a series of sessions to organise and support your own professional development, dissertation/brief writing preparation and help you develop some of the specific skills required for these. The sessions are organised jointly for all taught Master's students in 'Archaeological Sciences' and 'Chemistry and Forensic Sciences', so you will have the opportunity of learning from, and with, students with a wide variety of interests. The taught sessions only make up part of the module, the main component is your private study and the work you do with your individual supervisor. Download the PDF for ARC7041-B_2023_4.pdf