Advanced Communication Skills

Module code: NUR7020-C

Module Aims


To employ professional communication skills, including those required to influence, negotiate with and educate patients and healthcare professionals. practice & appraise the effective application of advanced communication skills & strategies to support, maintain & enhance the emotional well-being of SU's, their carers family and friends. Enhance existing communication skills in order to work effectively in partnership with patients and as part of the multidisciplinary team to deliver patient-centred care.

Monitor response to interactions and subsequent behaviour. To develop the skills necessary to
appraise contemporary research to identify the evolution of psychosocial theories relating to communication &areas of specialist practice such as bereavement support. Facilitate development of skills associated with critical reflection in order to appraise individual & others' advanced communication skills & offer constructive feedback where appropriate. Analyse the levers, barriers, facilitators and challenges to transferring &sustaining effective communication in clinical contexts.

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