Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding

Module code: PES7046-B

Module Aims

This module focuses on countries which have experienced violent conflict.

You will examine the complex factors and dynamics involved in understanding conflict risks and processes in conflict-affected areas, and approaches and methods for assessing peace-keeping and peace-building needs and development conflict-management and peace-building strategies. You will examine and explore the changes that have taken place in peacekeeping and peace-building guidelines and missions in practice, and analyse the different evaluations that have been made by academics, practitioners, campaigners and politicians.

You will interrogate the concept of peacebuilding and analyse the ways in which its varying objectives have been addressed by different actors over time in different conflict-affected areas and regions across the world. You will explore and depend your understanding of these themes in the context of country case studies. You will undertake research, using both academic sources and accounts from international organisations, ranging from the United Nations to international Non-Governmental Organisations.

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