Health Promotion

Some helpful hints on improving your health and wellbeing

Who says resolutions to make positive changes in your life needs to be limited to 'New Year'.  Why not start now!

We recognise it can be hard to make positive change stick, perhaps we can help with a few handy hints and some useful web addresses to support you.

The key to getting a new, healthy habit to stick is to:

  • make sure your really want to do it in the first place
  • make your commitment non-negotiable
  • start now, don't procrastinate
  • set realistic short and long term goals
  • take things a step at a time
  • allow for the odd 'slip'
  • focus on changing your behaviour , not just on the ultimate goal
  • accepting that things won't happen overnight.

We've given details of a few useful website where you will find helpful information to set you on the right track. Good luck!

Useful links

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