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Webinar: Brexit? Foreign and Security Policy Implications (watch the recording)


This Webinar examines the security issues raised by the possibility that the UK will leave the EU. This lecture is part of a series of lectures and webinars which look beyond the headlines and examine some of the key political issues affecting Bradford, the UK and beyond.

Watch the recording

You can watch a full recording of the webinar, including video and the full Q&A session at the end by clicking the link above, downloading and running the Blackboard Collaborate helper tool, and following the instructions.

Prof Owen Green is a lecturer in the division of Peace Studies, Chair of the Management Board and specialises in non-proliferation and disarmament (especially conventional and nuclear arms)- regional security (especially Europe, East Asia and West Africa; Military transparency, confidence building measures and the UN Arms Register; Multilateral and EU Arms Export controls; conflict prevention (including intrastate CBMs and light weapons issues; International environmental regimes: development, implementation and effectiveness; Responding to climate change, ozone depletion and sea pollution; Main Geographic Area: Europe; East Asia, CIS, also aspects of West Africa and South Asia