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"My main reason for choosing Bradford University School of Management was the focus on sustainability in its research and teaching."

Peter Popena, Accelerated MBA

Accelerated MBA in the UK



Our unique Accelerated Full-time MBA, the first of its kind in the UK, is designed for the most highly motivated and committed students, offering you the chance to complete the Bradford MBA in just 10 months.

This fast-track programme is ideal for ambitious managers, professionals or entrepreneurs who are looking to return to the workplace or a new career with the minimum delay and cost. You’ll complete the taught section of the MBA in seven months and you then have the flexibility to complete the Management Project in the final three months either in Bradford or back in the workplace. 

You get all the benefits of the 12-month MBA, delivered through an intensive study schedule, small group teaching and one-to-one coaching. Students particularly enjoy the collegiate feel of this programme, and we provide free accommodation for the first month, allowing you to concentrate on your studies as soon as you arrive.

Our full-time MBA proudly ranks amongst Europe's Top 40 MBA programmes (Financial Times, December 2014) and our students also benefit from studying at one Europe's Top 60 Business School's (Financial Times, December 2014).

+Course details

All our MBA programmes are made up of three stages

  • Core modules – designed to help you get back in to learning and provide fundamental knowledge of management principles and theory
  • Elective modules – provide an in-depth understanding of specialist topics that are essential and relevant to the contemporary commercial world focused on sustainability
  • Management project – enables you to put the knowledge and skills gained throughout the programme to practical use on a relevant management issue

 The Accelerated MBA programme begins with a week-long induction, designed to accelerate you back into learning and help you get to know your fellow students. Accelerated MBA students take elective modules focused on sustainability and sustainable development.

Many of the modules are provided in a block-week format solely for the Accelerated MBA students, whilst others are held during the day or in the evening with our Full-time MBA and Executive MBA students. In this way, you will experience the full benefit of networking with a fantastic mix of managers and professionals with diverse backgrounds and cultures from across the world.

We use a variety of learning and teaching approaches, including lectures, case analysis, group work, individual and group problem solving research. Assessment is by a combination of written examinations, assignments, group projects and presentations.

+Core Modules

+Elective Modules

Accelerated MBA students choose four*

*The lists of modules may be subject to change

+Management Project

The management project is an integral part of the Bradford MBA and is often the most challenging and rewarding part of the programme. At the end of the taught programme you put into practice what you have learnt by investigating and reporting on an important management issue or opportunity. If you are sponsored by your employer, the project can relate to your workplace. Otherwise, you may choose to use the project to deepen your knowledge of a different sector or organisation, or as a stepping stone to your next job. The project findings and recommendations are then written up in a 15,000-word dissertation.

Throughout the project you will be guided by an experienced academic and you will have access to the School of Management Effective Learning department. The Effective Learning service often proves to be very useful providing students with a clear understanding and guidelines on what is required in order to successfully complete their project.

+The Trading Room

The Bradford Trading Room provides students with hands-on experience in a simulated trading environment, giving a feel for “real” investment decisions made in industry and how to deal responsibly with financial and economic market data.

The Bradford Trading Room

Students have the option of completing a training and certification module specifically designed for universities called Bloomberg Essentials Training (BESS) that is widely recognised in industry and confers valuable skills which are highly relevant for the finance, banking, insurance and related industries.

Read more about The Bradford Trading Room (PDF)

+Our students and alumni


Peter Popena  student profile - amba - peter popena


Papua New Guinea


I am from Papua New Guinea, which is a developing country in the South Pacific with a population of 7.5m. My employer, Steamships Trading Company, is part of an international company called Swire and I was lucky enough to be selected for a scholarship to do an MBA in the UK, jointly funded by the company and the British Council.

I have got 19 years experience specialising in environmental management in the petroleum, palm oil, gold mining and other industries. I joined Steamships Trading Company as Group Health, Safety, Security and Environment Manager a year ago and am responsible for auditing, coordinating with and advising the various different divisions of the company. We work in the road transport, IT, shipping, food manufacturing, real estate and hotel industries and are a major player in Papua New Guinea’s economy.

I wanted to do an MBA to help me develop my overall understanding of business strategy with a view to moving in to an executive management role. I also want to be able to contribute meaningfully to the development of Papua New Guinea and help formulate policy that will ensure that environmental protection is a priority.

When I researched MBA programmes in the UK, I was attracted to Bradford University School of Management for a number of reasons. Firstly, I was impressed by the School’s reputation and ranking in the UK and internationally. The facilities also looked fantastic. The Accelerated MBA was ideal for me because my employer had agreed to sponsor and pay me during my time studying in the UK and it meant I could get back to work in Papua New Guinea within 10 months.

However, my main reason for choosing the Bradford MBA over the others that I looked at in the UK was the School’s focus on sustainability in its research and teaching. Sustainability used to just be about environmental management – now it is relevant to every aspect of business and society – and I strongly believe that economic development and environmental protection should go hand in hand. Doing the Bradford MBA is a fantastic opportunity for both me and my home country to build stronger international links and gain greater understanding of sustainable development.

After 19 years out of the classroom, the first few weeks of a full time MBA have been tough, especially moving to a different country. However, the staff and my fellow classmates have been very welcoming and I have received a lot of support. As the weeks go by, I am becoming much more comfortable with learning again and am getting a lot out of the experience that I look forward to taking back to my home country.


Marcus Orton  Student photo - Marcus Orton



Year of Graduation





Marcus was keen to achieve a well-respected, highly rated MBA, and our FT listings and overall reputation was important. In practical terms it was the fast-track structure of the Accelerated MBA that made all the difference. Marcus now intends to return to medical devices business management, and is also exploring opportunities in the management of healthcare provision.


"The January start date and limited course duration was a timely short break from my professional work. The programme helped to strengthen my appreciation and capabilities in business management and administration as I progressed from R&D, through Project Management into company management and business leadership.

The programme topics complemented my skills, experience and development needs. Access to the themes and issues within Sustainable Operations in particular will have a long-term impact on my approach
to personal and business management.

The significant work-load certainly tested and improved my ability to manage my time and priorities, achieve on time and "in full" delivery against immovable submission and exam dates. The Effective Learning support from day one has been invaluable, it is a real asset to the School and a powerful aspect of the educational experience.

I enjoyed fantastic conversations with and support from colleagues and academic staff as we grappled with relating theory to business practice. Sharing these few months with so many colleagues from further afield, helped me gain a deeper appreciation and respect for their cultural heritage, insight and values."

Key Details

Study mode



10 months

Start date



Bradford, UK


Top 40 in Europe


£24,950 for January 2015




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