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"The assessments are brilliantly designed to make us think, explore, research, question and think some more."

Christine Norton, Manila MBA

Executive MBA in Manila



For 50 years, Bradford University School of Management has enjoyed an excellent reputation for the quality of its teaching. The School of Management is consistently ranked amongst the top 20 Business Schools in the UK and top 60 in Europe.

  • One of an elite group of only 59 business schools in the world (less than 1%) to hold the triple accreditations of Equis, AMBA and AACSB, often referred to as the "Triple Crown"
  • No other Business School teaching in the Philippines has the "Triple Crown" of accreditations
  • Top 20 business schools in the UK (Financial Times 2014)

The programme is delivered at the Makati Stock Exchange Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Studied part-time, the programme is aimed at managers who want to develop their already-successful career through the knowledge and experience gained from studying at a highly ranked global business school. The programme is conventionally completed in 2-6 years, though under exceptional circumstances it can be completed in less than 2 years.

+Course details

All our MBA programmes are made up of three stages

  • Core modules - designed to help you get back in to learning and provide fundamental knowledge of management principles and theory
  • Elective modules - provide an in-depth understanding of specialist topics that are essential and relevant to the contemporary commercial world. Students choose those that are of most interest or greatest career benefit
  • Management project - enables you to put the knowledge and skills gained throughout the programme to practical use on a relevant management issue

Teaching takes place during the week on an evening using a variety of learning and teaching approaches, including lectures, case analysis, group work, individual and group problem solving research. Assessment is typically through individual assignments, though for a small number of modules there may be an examination element.

+Core Modules

At the start of your studies you will be required to attend an induction programme at the AIS facility in Makati city. The induction programme will typically run over 2 evenings or on a single Saturday afternoon. It is vital that you complete the induction programme as during the sessions you will be provided with key information on issues such as MBA rules and regulations, student support services and the online learning resources.

Business Accounting (MAN4054M - more details
Understand the fundamental concepts and techniques in business accounting, as well as the accountant's role in the organisation.

Business Economics (MAN4100M - more details
Get to grips with the workings of an organisation's market environment, the economics of company growth strategies, and the skills needed to apply economic concepts to business problems.

Business Research (MAN4215M - more details
Develop critical awareness of the quality of business research. Improve your ability to design, carry out and present research, and apply statistical techniques to business problems.

Corporate Finance (MAN4030M - more details
Discover how to make and implement financial decisions and how to criticise corporate financial policy; understand how capital markets operate.

Marketing (MAN4042M - more details
Gain critical awareness of the concepts and principles of marketing and their applications; develop refined analytical, problem-solving and creative skills.

Managing People (MAN4247M - more details
Learn the issues that affect human behaviour in organisations, investigate the relationship between organisational behaviour, theory, development and human resource management, and find out how to work more effectively in the organisation.

Operations Management (MAN4048M - more details
Develop a sound understanding of operations management in all types of organisations and achieve experience of some of the concepts and techniques that support decision making in this field.

Strategic Management (MAN4092M - more details
Analyse the significance of business environments, competitive resources and advantage, and methods available for choosing appropriate corporate and business strategies and control.

Business Ethics and Sustainability (MAN4304M - More details
Develop a critical awareness of the management and organisational challenges associated with the implementation of business ethics and sustainability at the level of the individual organisation.

Managerial and Professional Development (MAN4229M - More details
Develop a critical awareness of individual professional development needs enabling students to assess and evaluate their own (and others) learning and development.

+Elective Modules

Once you have gained the required managerial skills and knowledge during Cycle 1 of your studies you will then be required to complete 4 elective modules.

Project Management (MAN4283M - more details)
Foster a critical awareness of the concepts and principles of project management providing an insight into key models, frameworks and techniques to support decision making and control.

International Financial Management (MAN4061M - more details)
Provide a critical understanding of the investment and finance decisions made by multinational companies. Consider institutional structure and the behaviour of international currency markets and the economic factors that affect the foreign exchange rates.

Entrepreneurship (MAN4016M - more details
Develop a comprehensive understanding of the importance of entrepreneurship to the economy, the role of the entrepreneur and the unique problems that new businesses face. Develop skills that will enable you to develop ideas into concepts, test these through feasibility analysis and develop business plans for new ventures.

Managing International Business in Emerging Economies (MAN4276M - more details
Investigate the workings of subsidiary operations in emerging economies (e.g. Central and Eastern Europe, China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Central and South East Asia) and gain an understanding of the fundamental issues confronted by foreign firms competing in newly opened and dynamic markets.

In order to ensure your studies are relevant and contemporary the elective modules offered may vary from those listed. If you decide to study an elective module(s) at Bradford or at a partner institute a number of alternative modules will be available (e.g. Corporate Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions)

+Management Project

The management project is an integral part of the Bradford MBA and is often the most challenging and rewarding part of the programme. At the end of the taught programme you put into practice what you have learnt by investigating and reporting on an important management issue or opportunity. If you are sponsored by your employer, the project can relate to your workplace. Otherwise, you may choose to use the project to deepen your knowledge of a different sector or organisation, or as a stepping stone to your next job. The project findings and recommendations are then written up in a 15,000-word dissertation.

Throughout the project you will be guided by an experienced academic and you will have access to the School of Management Effective Learning department. The Effective Learning service often proves to be very useful providing students with a clear understanding and guidelines on what is required in order to successfully complete their project.

Examples of recent projects are:

  • Market Options and Parameters for a Sustainable Resource-Management System (food waste)
  • Trends in structural change in the printing supply chain caused by e-commerce and new printing technology
  • A Review of Strategic Growth Alternatives
  • The Development of a risk-management strategy and reporting framework
  • Making the best use of customer relationship management
  • The impact of procurement evolution on today's sales professional

+About AIS

AIS, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary educational institution with campuses in Makati, Taguig and Alabang.  The organisation focuses on bringing the best practices within international education to the Philippines. All the programmes AIS offers lead to an internationally recognised degree, diploma or certificate qualifications. AIS's international education partners and programmes offered include:

University of Bradford: Master of Business Administration (MBA), UK

Curriculum Council of Western Australia: Grades 11 and 12 Certificate of Education, Australia

Imperial College of Technology and Management: Certificate III in Telecommunications Engineering, Australia


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+How you study

Students normally take 2 subjects (modules) every 3 months.

When studying a module students typically spend 7-8 hours on their studies per module per week. If you don't think that you have enough time to study 2 modules over the 3 month period you can always chose to study just 1 module, lightening your workload considerably.

If work or family life is particularly busy then you can even suspend your studies and restart at a later date. This flexibility means that students can complete the MBA in 2 to 6 years (under exceptional circumstances it can be completed in less than 2 years).

The Bradford Learning Experience

Each module has been designed so that your understanding and knowledge is developed through various means including: lecture and tutorial sessions, study books, textbooks and academic journal papers, video clips, podcasts and formative online multiple choice questions.

Lecture Groups

For each module you will be required to attend approximately 27 hours of lectures and tutorials at the AIS facility in Makati city. The classroom based sessions are taught by academics based in the Philippines, ensuring you are provided with a global perspective which remains locally relevant. Please note in order to ensure the quality of your learning experience all Philippines based academics are subject to the rigorous Bradford University School of Management vetting procedure.

The Online Virtual Learning Environment

The Bradford University School of Management uses a virtual learning environment called Blackboard. Each module you study will have a dedicated Blackboard site containing:

  • A copy of the module study book
  • Guidance on the assessment used for the module
  • PowerPoint slides and audio recordings (where available) taken from Bradford based full time or part time MBA lectures
  • Video from 3 key on-site lectures (where available)
  • Key readings selected by Bradford academics from leading academic journals, trade publications and broadsheet newspapers
  • Selected audio and video clips helping to underline your knowledge and understanding of particular subject areas
  • Additional non-compulsory readings enabling you to further engage with a subject and advance your understanding
  • A comprehensive bank of multiple choice questions allowing you to monitor your understanding and get instant feedback on your progress

All of these online materials can be accessed via a PC or smart phone, enabling you to study where and when you want

Printed Materials

For each module you will receive a high quality study book containing essential study notes, case studies and short exercises to develop your understanding. The study books are written by academics from the Bradford School of Management many of whom are world leading authorities in their subject area. Each study book contains:

  • 9 study units, each unit is designed to develop your understanding of a particular subject area
  • A series of short case studies and exercises reinforcing key principles and ideas and demonstrating how academic theory can be put into practice.
  • Clear guidance on accessing additional learning materials that will help reinforce your understanding and knowledge

Library Resources

As an executive modular student you will have access to the AIS library collection containing copies of key textbooks. In addition to this you will have complete access to the University's online library resources. This means that wherever you are in the world you can access thousands of academic journals, market reports and textbooks all from your computer.

Effective Learning Service

It may be some time since you last studied for a formal qualification and so some of your key learning skills such as essay writing, critical analysis and revision may require some attention. The School of Management Effective Learning department can provide you with all the help you need to overcome such obstacles. 'Quick Read' leaflets are available with titles such as 'How to Improve Your Marks' and '5 Stage Report Writing Structure'. In addition to these resources you will be regularly invited to attend a series of live online workshops covering key learning skills such as essay writing and critical analysis and you can even have a one-to-one consultation with our effective learning advisor.

Careers Support

In order to ensure that you can capitalise on the skills and knowledge developed when studying the MBA you will be registered onto the Bradford University School of Management MBA career development programme. In practical terms this means that every 3 months you will be invited to attend a live online career development workshop run by the Bradford University School of Management careers team. The career development programme has been designed to track your progress through the MBA ensuring you develop relevant skills and the most opportune time. Issues covered in the workshops include 'Leveraging Your MBA' 'Promoting Your Skills - Social Media' and 'Networking - Making the Right Connections'


Your knowledge and understanding of each subject area studied will be assessed by the most appropriate means. This will typically involve the completion of a written assignment, an exam or in some cases an assignment and an exam. Exams will take place at the AIS facility in Makati city. If you are unable to sit an exam in Manila (e.g. you are away on business) we have over 100 examination centres worldwide, making it likely that you can sit the exam wherever you are. Please note, if you do not sit the exam at the AIS facility, Bradford University School of Management, or one of our partner institutions you will have to pay an extra fee to your chosen examination centre.

+International Study Opportunities

You may decide that you want to accelerate your studies, learn about a particular subject area, study alongside other Bradford University School of Management students or simply broaden your horizons and spend some time studying overseas. You can do this by undertaking up to 3 block modules (i.e. 3-5 days of intensive study) at no extra cost (other than travel, accommodation and subsistence) at the School of Management or at any one of our partner institutions in Singapore, Spain, France or Dubai.

Bradford University School of Management (UK)

In November, May and June each year a series of elective block modules are taught at the School of Management in Bradford. Executive modular students are welcome to attend these blocks having the opportunity to: "study business in your own little village and gaze out on stunning views stretching to the Yorkshire Dales and Haworth, the Bronte home" (The Independent Newspaper, A-Z of Business Schools). A typical class size for a block elective is around 20-30 students. With all of the students coming from varying backgrounds attendance at these block sessions gives you a real opportunity to learn not only from some world renowned academics but also from your classmates.

Bradford University School of Management (Dubai)

Our Dubai MBA programme has now been running for more than a decade. Students can attend a core module at our study centre in Dubai's Knowledge Village. These block modules run over a 3 day period. Please note that access to these modules is subject to availability.

Dubai montage

MDIS (Singapore)

MDIS Business School is one of the biggest business schools (among private education organizations) in Singapore with an annual intake of more than 4,000 students. The Bradford School of Management has been offering its MBA in conjunction with MDIS since 2003. Each year faculty from the School of Management teach a number of block electives at MDIS usually over an intense 3 day period.

MDIS Singapore Montage

+Meet the lecturers

Jim Kayalar - Strategic Management Lecturer

Jim is the managing director of Business Tune-up, a New Jersey-based management consulting company which focuses on strategic marketing and operational management on an international basis for small, medium and large corporations. He completed his MBA in Business Administration at the University of Western Australia. He has had many publications in the Harvard Business Review.

Jim Kayalar

Nicole Orendain - Project Management Lecturer

Nicole is the owner and principal consultant of Muse Management Consulting which provides consulting services and develops and conducts training workshops and course materials in project management, strategic and business planning, and organizational development for corporate and academic clients. She is a designated Project Management Professional and is a senior lecturer at the Technology Management Center of the University of the Philippines. She completed both her MBA and MPM at the Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago, Illinois.

Nicole Orendain

Key Details

Study mode



2-6 years

Start date

January, April, July or September


Manila, Philippines






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