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Frequently Asked Questions on About UoB

What is About UoB?

About UoB is both a mobile application, and a mobile friendly website that gives you access to many of the University's services. It can even take advantage of phones that have built in GPS (location aware), for example directing you to the nearest computer cluster with free PCs.

How much will About UoB cost me?

The software is available to install for free, and we don't charge for the mobile web browser version either. However, depending on your mobile phone tariff, you may get charges on your mobile bill for data. If you are on a data bundle, e.g. £10 for 1 GB of data, then you won’t have any additional charges as long as your total data usage (including all applications and web surfing) doesn't go over that limit. If you are unsure about your tariff and charges we recommend speaking to your mobile phone network before installing / using About UoB.

When launching the app for the first time or changing profiles please be connected to Wi-Fi as it downloads the campus maps and other information.

Will it work on my phone, and where do I get it from?

About UoB works on Android, Blackberry and iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPad). Just search your app store for 'About UoB'.

Anyone who wants to use About UoB and has a phone which is different to those listed above can still use it via the mobile web version. Just open up the web browser on your mobile and go to It even works on on non-smartphones phones, just make sure you have an appropriate data contract or use over a WiFi connection.

I thought I could use About UoB to access my timetable?

Your exam timetable will appear on the main menu at exam time. We're still working on the personalised lecture timetable. Each Faculty operates differently, so please bear with us!

I thought the app was called About UoB so what's CampusM?

CampusM is the underlying system that the University bought to power it all. About UoB is our Bradford-customised version.

I have another question. What should I do?

Send an email to stating that you have a question on About UoB. Try to explain what is happening or what your question is as clearly as possible.