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Pull Printing

Service running.  Service running

Service description

The pull printing service allows staff and students to submit print jobs to a server based print queue, and then login to an MFD using their UoB number and Library PIN, once logged in they can select their print jobs from the server print queue, and have them printed on that device.

Pull printing is provided by a software product called Pharos.

The following locations have access to MFDs that use the pull printing system:

  • J. B. Priestley Library.
  • Faculty of Management and Law Library.
  • Faculty of Management clusters.
  • Faculty of Health Studies.
  • Faculty of Engineering and Informatics.
  • Student Central Careers clusters.
  • Student Central Sun Ray cluster.
  • Student Union.
  • Richmond F42.
  • Richmond J31.
  • Richmond L24.

The ability to use a pull printer is dependent upon the appropriate printer driver being installed on your PC.

Pull printing print drivers are installed on student cluster PCs if the cluster has access to a pull printer.

Staff who wish to use a pull printer will have to manually install the appropriate driver on their PC, these drivers have packaged installation files that are available from the UoB apps folders.

Some printers can be installed on your own laptop, using the wireless printing driver package.


  • Print in colour or black and white, on A4 or A3 paper (not all MFDs are capable of printing in colour, or on A3 paper).
  • Print jobs are only released to the person who sent the print job.
  • Users have the opportunity to change their mind about printing a document and delete it from the print queue.
  • Printing is double sided by default.
  • The MFDs are also photocopiers.

Service owner

IT Services.


All students and staff with a Pharos printing account are capable of using the pull printing system, on an MFD with the Pharos software installed.

Service hours

24 hours throughout the year with the following exceptions:

  • System maintenance normally takes place during the weekly improvement period. Scheduled improvement dates are also planned throughout the year. See all IT improvement dates.
  • Access to the system MFDs may be restricted by building opening hours.

Any performance issues are displayed on the IT Service Status page.

Level of service

Print jobs are held in the server print queue for 48 hours, after which time they are deleted.

Support and documentation

The replacement of consumables (toner, paper, customer-replacement parts), or the clearing of paper feed problems is the responsibility of the MFD owner. This varies depending upon the physical location of the MFD in question.

User guide.

MFD problems on Information Services owned devices (Libraries) should be reported to the appropriate Library counter team.

Faults can be reported to IT Servicedesk.

Request process

Students receive a Pharos printing account automatically when they enrol at the University.

Staff must request the creation of a Pharos printing account. This can be done by visiting the Welcome desk in the J. B. Priestley Library, or at the Faculty of Management and Law Library.

User responsibility

Users are expected to follow terms of use as laid out in Regulation 21.


Students are expected to pay for their printing from their Pharos printing account.

Pharos account balances can be topped up using the coin kiosks situated in the J. B. Priestley Library, and at the Faculty of Management and Law Library. Credit cards can also be used to top up a Pharos account balance using the uPay website.

Staff are not charged for pull printing.