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Introduction of PensionFlex

The University of Bradford introduced PensionFlex in April 2010 to make contributions into the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), more cost effective for both USS pension scheme members and the University. Originally, this was only available to Final Salary members of USS, however from 1 October 2014 the same arrangement will be available to members of the Career Revalued Benefits Section of USS and will be known as CareFlex.

PensionFlex/CareFlex is a Salary Exchange arrangement similar to childcare vouchers and nursery places that the University currently offers. Where PensionFlex/CareFlex is appropriate for you, you and the University will save money, which should increase the take home pay you receive.

In this factsheet we have outlined how PensionFlex/CareFlex works and have provided examples of the savings you could make.


How does PensionFlex work?

1. You stop making standard pension contributions from your Annual Salary to the USS. (PensionFlex/CareFlex will not be applied to Additional Voluntary contributions (AVCs) - please see Question 8 of the FAQ's for more information).


2. Instead the University makes additional contributions to the USS equal to the contributions you would usually make, along with their current contribution.


3. As the University is increasing their pension contribution, you agree to reduce your Annual Salary by the amount that you would usually pay to USS.


4. You save on National Insurance Contributions (NICs), as the pension contributions that you previously paid into the USS were subject to NIC, whereas under the PensionFlex/CareFlex arrangement, the contributions made by the University are not. The University will also make NIC savings in the same way.


5. Your pension and other similar benefits will continue to be based on your higher Preserved Pay (this is your pay prior to any Salary Exchange), and your benefits are not affected by participation in PensionFlex/CareFlex.

Further Information

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