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Useful HR Forms and Templates

The first column, in alphabetical order, lists the subject and where relevant links to the appropriate section of the HR website where you can find further information on the policy or process. To go directly to the form or template, click on the link in the right hand column.

Subject/ WebpageForm Template

Absence - Academic leave

Leave of Absence Application (Academic)

Absence - Health Related  

Personal Sickness Certificate

Return to Work Form

MHRA Absence Recording Form

Casual employee

Casual Employee Details Form

Contractual Change Form v1.1

(eg: extension to FTC, increase/decrease in hours, etc.)

Contractual Change Form v1.1

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form


Fixed Term Contract (Termination) - Template Letters

FXT Letter 1

FXT Letter 2

FXT Letter 3

FXT Letter 4


Grading and Further Particulars Form

Grading and Further Particulars Form

Health Assessment Questionnaire (New Employee)

Health Assessment Questionnaire (New Employee)

Health Assessment Questionnaire (Manager)

HR Data Requests

 HR - Data - Request

Leaving the University (Resignation)

 Resignation - Leaver Form


MCard Renewal Form

Northern Rail

Annual Season Ticket Application Form

Occupational Health Management Referral

Management Referral Form (word)

Performance Recognition

Performance Recognition Form PRS1-11

Performance Review (Grades 1-10)

Performance Review form a

Performance Review form b

Performance Review form c

Probation (Grades 1-10)

Probation Review Form 3 month

Probation Review Form 6 month

Probation Review Form 9 month

Probation (Academic)

Annual Progress Report


Request for Staff Appointment (RSA) Form

Shortlist Matrix Template

Interview Matrix

Interview Planning Form

Interview Expenses Claim Form


Regrading Form - Academic Staff

Regrading Form - Support Staff Grades 1-10

Regrading Form - Supplementary for Readers and Professors

Removal and Relocation Form

Claim for Relocation and Resettlement Expenses

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