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What's the point of the past? The value of archaeology and heritage today.

Date and time
Tuesday 20 February 2024, 17:45 GMT to 19:15 GMT
Attendance and participation
This is an in-person and online event.
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About this in-person and online event

Join us for the next Bradford Inaugural Lecture to celebrate Karina Croucher's promotion to the position of Professor. This is one of the highest achievements in an academic's career; it is a recognition by the University that they are operating at the highest level and recognised as a leader in their chosen field. As such, the promotion is worthy of celebration by both the academic and the University. The inaugural professorial lecture is a centuries-old tradition, marking this key milestone.

"When I started studying archaeology – as a mature student, following an alternative route to University – I assumed archaeology would be all about the past. While looking back in time may be integral to the discipline, I have since recognised that the past is only a small part of what archaeology and heritage can offer.

My inaugural lecture discusses the journey and some of the projects that I hope make a difference to the world, addressing themes such as dealing with death, memorialisation, identity and place. As part of this I take the past to a variety of audiences, including health and social care professionals, funeral directors, psychologists, school children and refugee/host communities. In this lecture I will highlight the exciting interdisciplinary collaborations that make this work possible, with projects that span arts, humanities, social sciences and health care. I will also reflect upon my motivation to break down barriers – between disciplines, between teaching and research, between academia and our cities and people. Finally, I will discuss implications for Bradford, especially with 2025 City of Culture on the horizon, and explore the lasting legacy of inclusive heritage, arts, and culture for our university and city."



This will be a ‘hybrid’ event, taking place both at the University and online. When you book your free tickets, you will be able to choose which version of the event you would like to attend.

For those attending in person, the event will be followed by a canapes reception. All attendees are invited.

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