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Transforming the Nerds - Capitalising on gender diversity in technical roles in the British Industry

This lecture was the second of the Cantor Technology Lecture Series, and outlined the importance of having a diverse workforce, particularly in technology roles to the British Industry.

The lecture was delivered by Gillian Arnold. Gillian has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, the last 20 years being with IBM. She was the winner of the 'Inspiration of the Year' category of the 2012 Cisco Everywomen in Technology Awards.

Gillian Arnold explored some of the reasons why women only make up approximately 17% of technology roles, and what British companies need to do to effect change and capitalise on the benefits that diversity can bring.


About the lecture series

The Cantor Technology Lecture Series seeks to provide a forum for academics, students, experts in their fields and the public to discuss areas of work of the University and their relation to society.

As a leading technology university, the University of Bradford has a duty to use its strengths to maximum value for society and strives to do this through its research and application of knowledge.