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Professor Liz Breen

Managing the health eco-system trilemma - providing accessible, safe and sustainable services

Profile image of Professor Liz Breen, Director of the Digital Health Enterprise Zone

Access to and provision of healthcare services is an expectation within the UK, free at the point of delivery. The National Health Service in the UK was one of the first universal health care systems established anywhere in the world, aiming to provide medical, dental and nursing care. This was considered revolutionary for its time but society and its needs have altered considerably since then. The ever increasing demand for the assorted services needed for patient care has challenged NHS leaders to be strategic and creative, whilst funding is reduced and resources squeezed. Being lean and smart whilst breaking new ground and propelling technological advances is the order of the day. But is this sustainable? How we continue along this trajectory, what needs to change to do this and when this has to happen are key areas of deliberation at this time.

In this lecture Professor Liz Breen reflects on improvement agendas in the NHS and healthcare in general, based on her years of research. In doing so she will also give thought to the role of the academic professor as a researcher, leader, teacher and mentor.

The recording of the lecture can be watched here.