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Professor Eva Kipnis

Realising inclusion and justice from policy goals to everyday living

Portrait image of Professor Eva Kipnis. Professor in Marketing at the University

Advancing social and economic inclusion and justice features prominently in national and international policy bodies strategic goals. But where, how and who should realise these goals to positively improve daily lives of ordinary citizens? In this lecture Professor Eva Kipnis discusses the role of marketing research, education and practice in the development of inclusive and equitably accessible products and services.

Marketing is often mistaken to be an extension of sales. In reality, marketing is one of the key management responsible for determining and representing different populations catered for in the design and delivery of products and services. Drawing on over a decade of research, Eva will discuss how marketing can make daily experiences of accessing and consuming these products and services – such as shopping, going to a restaurant, or using transport or technologies – into experiences of ability to participate and fair representation versus discrimination and mistreatment. She will showcase a number of notable successes and failures from advertising, product design and service innovations and discuss how citizens can engage with marketing professionals to inform continuing improvement of marketing practices for inclusion and justice.

The recording of the lecture can be watched here.