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Professor Iqbal Mujtaba

Professor Iqbal Mujtaba


Iqbal M. Mujtaba is a Professor of Computational Process Engineering and is the Head of the School of Engineering. He is a Chartered Chemical Engineer, a Chartered Scientist and is a Fellow of the IChemE. He is currently an executive member of (a) IChemE Computer Aided Process Engineering Subject Group (Secretary 2000-2010; Chair 2015 - ), (b) the European Committee for Computers in Chemical Engineering Education (Secretary 2007-2010; Chair 2010-2013) and (c) Chair of BUET Chemical Engineering Forum, Bangladesh (2007-). He leads the Mechanical and Process Engineering research group in the School of Engineering. Professor Mujtaba was the member of the University Senate from 2002-2010 and was members of a number of committees including University Equality & Diversity committee, University Research Degree committee (Deputy Chair), School Board and School Executive Committee, School HR committee (Chair).

Research Interests
Professor Mujtaba is actively involved in many research areas like: dynamic modelling, simulation, optimisation and control of batch and continuous chemical processes with specific interests in distillation, industrial reactors, refinery processes and desalination. His current research focus is in the area of energy and water (two of the four key challenge areas for future chemical engineers as identified by IChemE). He was recently successful in attracting funding from the British Council, Texas A&M University, Royal Society and DST (India) to organise a UK-Qatar workshop on 'Water & Energy Security' in Qatar (2015), UK-India workshop on 'Food, Water & Energy Nexus' in India (2015) and UK-Egypt-South Africa workshop on 'Water Management' in South Africa (2016). Professor Mujtaba has managed several research collaborations and consultancy projects with industry and academic institutions in the UK, Italy, Hungary, Malaysia, Iraq, China, Libya, Qatar, India, Bahrain, Algeria, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. He has published 229 technical papers in major Engineering Journals, International Conference Proceedings and Books and has supervised 24 PhD students since 1997 and is currently supervising 8 PhD and 1 MPhil projects. He has given over 60 invited lectures home and abroad and several keynotes in international conferences.

Professor Mujtaba is a co-editor of the book 'Application of Neural Networks and Other Learning Technologies in Process Engineering' published by the Imperial College Press, London in 2001( He is also a co-editor of the book 'Composite Materials Technology' published by CRC Press, in 2009. Professor Mujtaba is the author of 'Batch Distillation: Design & Operation' published by the Imperial College Press, London in 2004 ( which included his 18 years of research in batch distillation. He has several ongoing research collaborations and consultations with industries and academic institutions in the UK, Italy, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Administrative and managerial duties and responsibilities
Professor Mujtaba has led the re-launch of UG and PG Chemical Engineering programme at Bradford in 2008 and is currently the External Examiner for BEng & MEng Chemical Engineering programmes at the University of Hull (UK) and University of Malaya (Malaysia). He was External Examiner for MSc at the University of Cranfield (UK, 2009-2012), External assessor for UG Chemical Engineering Curriculum at the University of Hull (2012), External assessor for MSc in Oil and Gas Management at Wolverhampton University (2013). Professor Mujtaba has been External Assessor and Appointment Panel Member for professorial appoint for several institutions home and abroad (Imperial College London, Swansea University, University of Malaya, Khartoum University, Islamic University Malaysia).

Professor Mujtaba obtained his BSc in 1983 and MSc in 1984 all in Chemical Engineering. He studied at Imperial College, London with the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship and received his PhD and DIC in 1989. He worked as a Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering at BUET (1984-1990) and as Research Fellow at the Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College, London from 1990-1994. He joined University of Bradford as a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in 1995.

Knowledge Transfer (KTP): 2008 -
1. CPD training on 'Concepts and skills of diversity in multi-national businesses', CRISTAL Global, Saudi Arabia, 2008, Co-ordinator.
2. CPD training on 'Integrated Product and Process Design', BUET, Bangladesh, December 2008.
3. CPD training on 'Seawater to Freshwater: Optimal Design and Operation of Thermal Desalination Process', Summer School, Technical University Berlin, Germany, 2009, 2010.
4. Feasibility study for generating electricity for domestic solid wastes, Waddington Ltd., 2011
5. Heat Transfer modelling of Autoclaves, Autoclaves Ltd., 2012
6. Chemical Engineering Lab training for Nigerian engineers, Heaton Education, 2012
7. CPD training on 'Synthesis of batch distillation', Summer School, Technical University Berlin, Germany, 2012
8. CPD training on 'Breaking the Tradition - Whole Crude Oil Fractionation then Hydrotreating or Whole Crude Oil Hydrotreating then Fractionation', Summer School, Technical University Berlin, Germany, 2013.
9. Workshop on 'Energy and Water' in Qatar, Funded by the British Council and the Texas A&M University, 2014
10. Workshop on 'Food, Water & Energy Nexus' in India, Funded by the Royal Society and Department of Science & Technology (India), 2015


International Conference Organisation

1. Water & Energy Security Workshop, Doha, February 2015. Funded by British Council & Texas A&M University 2. Food, Water & Energy Nexus Workshop, India, March 2016. Funded by the Royal Society and DST (India). 3. Water Management Workshop, South Africa, September 2016. Funded by the British Council


1. S. Alsadaie, PhD, MSF desalination process modelling and optimisation
2. S. Tanthadiloke, PhD (jointly with Chulalongkorn University). Modelling, optimisation and control of hard chrome plating processes
3. N. Tehlah, PhD (jointly with Prince of Songkla University). Model Predictive Control strategy design for refined palm oil processing
4. M. Al-Obaidi, PhD. Modelling, optimisation and control of RO Process for wastewater treatment
5. D. Aqar, PhD. Modelling, optimisation and control of Batch reactive distillation
6. Y. John, PhD. Modelling, optimisation and control of FCC process
7. A.Y. Zakari, PhD. Modelling and optimisation of Catalytic Reforming Unit
8. Z. Khan, PhD (jointly with University of Malaya). Modelling and optimisation of polymerisation process
9. E. Elmalik, MPhil. Synthetic Fuel

1. A.Z. Masoud, PhD, 2008. Dynamic optimisation of batch distillation with and without chemical reaction with emphasis on product demand and operating cost.
2. F. Trabzuni, PhD, 2008. Modelling and simulation of chlorinator fluidised bed reactor
3. S.H. Senan, MPhil, 2008. Simulation and design of packed aeration tower to remove volatile organic contaminants from ground water
4. H. Khalfalla, PhD, 2009. Modelling and optimisation of oxidative desulphurization process for model sulphur compounds and heavy gas oil
5. E.E. Edreder, PhD, 2010. Modelling and optimisation of batch distillation involving esterification and Hydrolysis reaction systems
6. M. Mahmoud, MPhil, 2010. Optimal design and operation of multivessel batch distillation with fixed Product demand
7. W.H.B. Ibrahim, PhD, 2011. Dynamic modelling and optimization of polymerization processes in batch and semi-batch reactors
8. A.T. Jarullah, PhD, 2011. Kinetic modelling simulation and optimal operation of trickle bed reactor for hydrotreating of crude oil
9. E.A. Hawaidi, PhD, 2011. Simulation, optimisation and flexible scheduling of MSF desalination process under fouling
10. K. Konakom, PhD, 2012 (jointly with Chulalongkorn University). Design and optimisation of batch reactor with separation.
11. K.M. Sassi, PhD, 2012. Optimal scheduling, design, operation and control of reverse osmosis based desalination
12. W. Weerachaipichasgul, PhD, 2012 (jointly with Chulalongkorn University). Multiple objective integration of process design and model predictive control for batch systems with separation.
13. S. Niamsuwan, PhD, 2012 (jointly with Chulalongkorn University). Optimisation and waste minimisation of diary process.
14. S. A. Said, PhD, 2013. MSF process modelling, simulation and optimisation: impact of non-condensable gases and fouling factor on design and operation


Total: 240 (Including 3 Books)


1. I.M. Mujtaba and M.A. Hussain, eds., Application of Neural Network and Other Learning Technologies in Process Engineering, pp 424, Imperial College Press, London. 2001.

2. I.M. Mujtaba, Batch Distillation: Design and Operation, Series on Chemical Engineering, Volume 3, pp 450, Imperial College Press, London. 2004. ISBN: 1-86094-328-X

3. S.M. Sapuan and I.M. Mujtaba, eds., Composite Materials Technology: Neural Network Applications, pp-368, CRC Press, USA, 2009

Journal Papers


1. M.A. Al-Obaidi, C. Kara-Zaïtri, I.M. Mujtaba, Development of a mathematical model for apple juice compounds rejection in a spiral-wound reverse osmosis process, Journal of Food Engineering 192 (2017) 111-121
2. M.A. Al-Obaidi, C. Kara-Zaïtri, I.M. Mujtaba, Wastewater treatment by spiral wound reverse osmosis: Development and validation of a two dimensional process model, Journal of Cleaner Production 140 (2017) 1429- 1443
3. M.A. Al-Obaidi, J.P. Li, C. Kara-Zaïtri, I.M. Mujtaba, Optimisation of reverse osmosis based wastewater treatment system for the removal of chlorophenol using genetic algorithms, Chemical Engineering Journal 316 (2017) 91"100
4. S.A. Alsadaie and I.M. Mujtaba, Dynamic modelling of Heat Exchanger fouling in multistage flash (MSF) desalination, Desalination 409 (2017) 47"65
5. M.A. Al-Obaidi, C. Kara-Zaïtri, I.M. Mujtaba, Scope and limitations of the irreversible thermodynamics and the solution diffusion models for the separation of binary and multi-component systems in reverse osmosis process, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 100 (2017), 48"79
6. Y.M. John, R. Patel, I.M. Mujtaba, Modelling and simulation of an industrial riser in fluid catalytic cracking process, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 2017, In Press
7. A. Suwatthikul, S. Limprachaya, P. Kittisupakorn, I.M. Mujtaba, Simulation of Steam Gasification in a Fluidized Bed Reactor with Energy Self-Sufficient Condition, Energies, 10 (2017), 1-15


1. Wensheng Cao, Qiang Liu, Yongqing Wang, Iqbal M. Mujtaba, Modelling and simulation of VMD desalination process by ANN, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 84 (2016) 96-103

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6. C. Pirola, Manenti, F. Rossa, I. M. Mujtaba, A Robust Sustainable Optimization & Control Strategy (RSOCS) for (Fed-)Batch Processes towards the Low-Cost Reduction of Utilities Consumption, Journal of Cleaner Production 111 (2016) 181-192

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