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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science A-Z Staff List

Professor Raed Abd-Alhameed  4033 / 4026 / 4089  Chesham B3.13, B3.19B 
Miss Lorna Armitage  3937  Horton D4.09 
Professor Irfan Awan  3952  Horton D4.11 
Dr Roger Clarke  3625  Chesham B1.33 
Dr Attila Csenki  4277  Horton D4.06 
Dr Andrea Cullen  5689  Horton D4.14 
Professor Rae Earnshaw  6131  Horton D5.08B 
Mr David Forbes  5738  Horton D5.06A 
Professor Marian Gheorghe  3930  Horton D5.08c 
Mr Karim Hammoud  3935  Horton D4.10 
Dr Rob Holton  3909  Horton D4.12 
Professor Fun Hu  4151 / 4093  Chesham B3.04 
Dr Steve Jones  4023  Chesham B3.06 
Dr Mumtaz Kamala  4032  Horton D5.6c 
Dr Savas Konur  5857  Horton D5.06d 
Professor Demetres Kouvatsos  3941  Horton D4.13 
Dr Ci Lei  3925  Horton D5.03 
Dr Geev Mokryani  4003  Chesham B3.15 
Professor Daniel Neagu  5704  Horton D5.08a 
Dr James Noras  4036  Chesham B3.12 
Dr Felicia Ong  6262  Chesham B3.07 
Professor Rami Qahwaji  6078  Horton D5.08 
Mr Mick Ridley  3946  Horton D5.04 
Professor Ray Sheriff  4053  Chesham B3.22 
Dr Dhaval Thakker  4578  Horton D4.04 
Dr Paul Trundle  5118  Horton D4.08 
Professor Geoff Tupholme  4273  Chesham B2.17 
Professor Apostol Vourdas  3950  Horton D4.03 

* External visitors should add 01274 23 before the telephone numbers above. Overseas visitors should add +44 1274 23 before the numbers above.

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