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Profiling a Department of Computing graduate's success

Published: Wed 19 Feb 2014
Profiling a Department of Computing graduate's success

ICT with Business student continues career with Hewlett Packard

Dharmesh Parmar has graduated from the University of Bradford with a 1st in BSc ICT with Business. Dharmesh chose to study at the University of Bradford after considering a number of different options and has not looked back since.

"Bradford has an excellent student to teacher ratio, one feature that stood out. I felt Bradford had a much more personal approach to the teaching style, whereby students can informally seek help and assistance with their modules."

Having deliberated on whether to take an ICT or Business degree, Dharmesh felt the ICT with Business course gave him the best of both worlds.  As well as being taught within the Department of Computing, the course also appealed for being partly taught within the acclaimed and internationally renowned School of Management.

During his degree, Dharmesh completed a year placement where he worked as a 4th Link End User Supporter at Hewlett Packard. The experience had a great impact on his future outlook.

"It was a great experience in which I got to run a XP to Win7 migration project. The team and I worked and managed the employee PC experience in HP for all 300,000 plus global employees, so the work I did had large and far reaching impact. For me a placement helped in the final year as upon returning I approached my learning, organization and planning in a much more professional way."

On successfully finishing his degree and gaining a first overall, Dharmesh has returned to Hewlett Packard after achieving a place on their Graduate Scheme. There is a lot of competition to gaining a Graduate Scheme; Dharmesh has some tips for students looking to gain similar experiences. 

"My advice to any student wanting to get into a placement or grad scheme is to start applying early on in the first semester (of your final year), expect to have a lot of telephone interviews and to travel to assessment centres, also expect to fail at some of these and have your time wasted. But know that each time, you will learn, and through practice you become much better at the application process."

After being dissapointed to not gaining a place on another Graduate Scheme, Dharmesh used his experience wisely and persevered to achieve graduate opportunities for both Fujitsu and Hewlett Packard. Dharmesh chose to take the opportunity to work at Hewlett Packard where he will work for two years, rotating between different areas every six months. Having only been there a month so far, Dharmesh has already networked with many people and is looking to take full advantage of the experience he will gain to progress his graduate career.

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