Wimba Create

What is Wimba Create?

Wimba Create is an add-in to Word which allows users to quickly create web and VLE content which is accessible, structured and navigable. It helps users to create packages of learning content which can include text, images, audio and video, web links and quizzes. Knowledge of HTML, Dreamweaver, Front Page or other web editing software is not required.

Benefits of using Wimba Create

Websites are created that are structured and easy to navigate. This enables students to find their way around the content quickly and easily. Wimba Create keeps everything in one place, in a package, so all of the learning objects for the topic such as audio, video, quiz questions and web links are bundled togetherwith the text. This makes it much easier for the student to find related items.

Wimba Create checks that the web pages are accessible and thus compliant with the requirements of the DDA.

What do I have to do?

After making a copy of the original Word document, you will use a set of Wimba Create styles to split the document into sections and pages, mark text as a heading, summary, definition or quote, and indicate table row or column headers. The styles are used by Wimba Create to convert the Word document to a web page.

Wimba Create automatically creates the navigation panel (contents list) and headings.

Documentation available:

  • Building Accessible Courses with Wimba Create
  • Flexible Wimba Create - Customising your Courses

These booklets are available via the Blackboard organisation, Course Genie Training.


Installation files and training materials are available via a Blackboard organisation, Course Genie Training.

Training courses are listed in the online Development Programme.

For general advice, please contact the Learning Technology Team via eLearning@bradford.ac.uk