Questionmark Perception

What is Questionmark Perception?

The University of Bradford has a full institutional licence for Questionmark Perception (QMP). QMP is available for any staff member who wishes to create e-assessments for use in their modules. QMP is available for formative or summative assessment, and is supported by the Centre for Educational Development.

How do I access QMP?

Email and a member of the CED team will contact you to get you started with QMP. 

How do I use QMP?

University support guides and pages:

Help from Questionmark Computing:

  • For an animated overview of the features of QMP, see this video from the Questionmark website.
  • Sign up for an introductory web seminar from Questionmark staff.

Who do I contact for advice and support?

Trevor Meek (ext 3312) is the e-assessment educational developer within CED, and is the primary person to contact for support for online assessment. If you would like to use QMP with your students and are not sure of the best way of doing this, Trevor would be more than happy to visit you to discuss your needs. Reports of technical problems should be made via the ICT Service Desk email ext 3333.