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Support for Disabled Staff

Services for Disabled Staff

The Disability Service can offer confidential advice and information to disabled staff, staff with health or mental health related issues and / or managers who support disabled staff. 

We can provide support for members of staff who do not necessarily need to see themselves as 'disabled', but feel that they come across barriers in their work or workplace as a result of an impairment or health issue. The Equality and Human Rights Commission website provides a useful definition of disability, that might help to clarify who might be protected by law and eligible for support.

For a confidential appointment with one of our Advisers, contact the Disability Service.

n-Able (Disabled Staff Network)N-able (supporting disabled staff).

The Disabled Staff Network n-Able was set up in 2006 and has 2 main objectives:

  1. To provide a safe and supportive space for disabled staff at the University to get together to look at the issues that affect them.  
  2. To raise the profile of disability issues on the University agenda.

Any member of staff can join n-Able. Members do not have to be disabled or have a visible impairment. They do not have to share any personal information about disability but do have to have an interest in disability issues here at the University.

Disability Equality Scheme

Statement from the Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to our Disability Equality Scheme, which in part upholds our core value of 'Confronting inequality, celebrating diversity'.

This document sets out how the University will make sure that it promotes equality for disabled staff and students, and addresses discrimination. We are committed to ensuring that people are treated equitably regardless of their disability. This Scheme articulates how we plan to achieve this whilst establishing an environment free of unfair discrimination.

It is at the heart of the University of Bradford's Widening Participation, Achievement and Social Inclusion policy that we make reasonable adjustments to facilitate learning, employment and encourage participation in University life for all who come to work or study with us. This includes people who might not necessarily identify themselves as disabled, but who nevertheless face discrimination in their everyday life because of their impairment.

The document is currently available in the following formats (if you require the document in an alternative format please contact the Disability Service):

Important Information

From 1st October 2010, the new Equality Act will be implemented. This legislation will bring together, and in some ways extend, earlier equality law.

As part of this legislation The University of Bradford will have a duty to develop an Equality Strategy or Scheme. This will replace our current Disability Equality Scheme, Race Equality Scheme and our Gender Equality Scheme.

We have already started consulting interested parties to help us to develop the Scheme which will be developed and published over the next 12 months.

Page last modified: Thursday, September 16, 2010