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Student Disciplinary Procedure


The Student Disciplinary Procedure sets out and how such matters will be dealt with by the University.  When a student registers at the University, they agree as part of the Student Contract to accept all regulations and policies including this Policy. 

The current Student Disciplinary Procedure (2023) can be found here: Student Disciplinary Procedure

The previous Student Disciplinary Procedure (2021) can be found here: Student Disciplinary Procedure October 2021 

The types of activity that could be considered as misconduct are set out in Ordinance 16 Conduct of Student Members of the University 

It applies to all students at all times, whether misconduct takes place on or off the University campus and also covers placements, field trips, sports tours as well as other settings such as social media. 


Summary of the Student Disciplinary Procedure

Any allegation of misconduct should be directed to the Head of School: any concerns provided orally should be followed up in writing.   

The procedure sets out three stages at which misconduct is considered and the Head of School, or their nominee will decide whether there is action to be taken and, where this is the case, whether the allegation or concern will be dealt with informally at the first stage by local resolution, or whether it should be considered under the formal stages of the Procedure.     

In some circumstances, a Head of School can recommend to the Vice-Chancellor or another senior University officer, that a student be suspended temporarily while the investigation or hearing takes place: the University recognises that although suspension is designed to be a neutral act, it can have serious consequences to the student in question and therefore the decision to suspend is only taken where the risk level is deemed to be high. 

In cases where the alleged misconduct would also constitute an offence under criminal law and is reported to the police, no action (other than suspension) shall be taken until either the case is discontinued by the Police or the CPS or, in the event that the student is charged, the criminal case is concluded. 

For advice on student disciplinary matters, please contact your Head of School or the Legal and Governance Department, email: tel: 01274 233111.